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I'm Kathryn Simpson, and I'm here to help.

I founded my business, Minerva Writing Services, in 2010 while working on my PhD. Initially it was former professors hiring me, people who knew my rigour and responsibility, as well as my love of language. Taking advantage of my interdisciplinary academic background and obsessive eye for detail, they asked me for help with: 

  •  articles,
  •  books,
  •  course syllabi,
  •  and grant proposals.

I assisted in a variety of ways:

  • I did multi-faceted, global research;
  • I performed a range of writing tasks; 
  • and I did both substantive editing and, in a project's later stages, copyediting and proofing.



Since then I have built my business into something much larger but no less personal.

I have provided writing services to all kinds of individuals –

  • artists and art historians,
  • educators,
  • graduate students,
  • psychologists

and institutions –

  • University of Calgary Press,
  • McGill University,
  • The Jewish Library of Montreal,
  • Université de Montreal, 
  • McGill-Queen's University Press,
  • even Pornhub.

I have also:

  • taught writing workshops,
  • written copy and narrative transcriptions for websites,
  • completed professional research projects,
  • and edited all sorts of different documents, from short proposals to 500-page books on G.W.F. Hegel.


Please don't hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss your project: large or small, well-developed or germinal, novice or professional, I can help you reach your goal.